Website building Thessaloniki

Κατασκευή Ιστοσελίδων

Websites services include Websites building (static and dynamic), conversion of static website to dynamic/responsive and websites support.

Website Development (Static Pages)

A static webpage is a webpage that its content is transferred to the client with the same form as it is stored in the web server.

Due to the simplicity of this kind of sites, the main advantage against other websites' services is the price. Our company is in the position to find solutions related with the structure of the website that you prefer, suggesting the below features:

  • Social links (facebook, twitter, youtube etc.)
  • Images and photos projection
  • Contact form and interactive map (google map)
  • Personal email for the contact with the clients of your website

You can find the definition of the static pages here wiki

Website development (Dynamic Pages)

Dynamic pages are built when the user sends a request to a web server. Nowadays, they are very important for the web.

Contia offers the oportunity to its clients to admin the webiste adding the content of their choice. The main advantage of dynamic websites is that the content of the website is not static and can be updated regularly making the webiste more attractive to the clients. We offer :

  • The opportunity of adding and editing dynamicaly content to your website.
  • Personal email and newsletters.
  • Multilingual websites
  • Embedded videos in every position in your website.
  • Blog and posts (upload pdf, ppt etc.)
  • Contact form and embedded maps
  • Social links (facebook, twitter, google plus etc.)
  • Guide for your dynamic website


The businesses that have already static website can convert it into dynamic with the help of Contia. We also teach you how to use the website so that you can manage the content. Furthermore, we are in the position to convert the website in order to be responsive and accessible from each kind of device (portable or not, big or small) .


Contia is next to the customer and supports your dynamic or static website. The purpose of this service is related with the handling of website's content in case you need help with the website's changes. In more details:

  • We update the content of your website (text, photos etc.).
  • We add/edit services.
  • We add products to your eshop.
  • We add new links.
  • We can change your price list .