kataskeui E-SHOP Thessaloniki

The term eshop is used when someone wants to describe a website that sells different kind of things.

Eshop building includes all the steps that are needed for a digital trade through web (B2B and B2C). Create your own eshop and make easier the sales for your customers through the unique services that Contia provides.

Diversity of E-shops

All businesses that sell products could have an eshop. There are online supermarkets, online shops with supplies, shops with jewelries, online bookstores, etc. There are also online shops that provide services (tickets, e-banking etc).

Eshop Advantages

  • Low costs in maintainance and operation.
  • Products/Services can be sold cheaper than from a physical store.
  • Without geographical limitations, due to the fact that the clients can be found from every place in the world.
  • 24 hours provided services.
  • Flexibility in administration (products/services).
  • Modern tools for advertisement and products or services projection, special offers, newsletter sending etc.

Different types of E-commerce

  • B2B. In this type of e-commerce, both participants are businesses. This type of e-commerce should be available for all interested parties or limited for specific parties.
  • B2C.In this type of e-commerce, businesses sell to consumers. For instance, online eshop with clothes or books is type of B2C.
  • Μοbile E-commerce:This term describes online sales transactions that use wireless electronic devices such as hand-held computers, mobile phones or laptops.

Contia’s Eshops

Contia provides services for planning and building eshops using PHP programming language, adding texts, photos, cart and different payment methods. Furthermore, we give the opportunity to the users to choose what they want to add to their eshops.

In more details, we provide:

  • Contact form and newsletters
  • insertion of products’ images.
  • google maps.
  • opportunity for users to add comments for each product
  • search filters
  • opportunity for users to rank your eshop
  • receipt or invoice sending
  • 60 minutes free training of how to use your eshop