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Android Apps

Android is an operating system for mobile devices that is based on Linux. Firstly it was developed by Google and after by Open Handset Alliance. Android permits developers to write code with the use of Java programming language and libraries developed by Google. Android is mainly for devices with touch screen, such as smartphones and tables, with different configurations for televisions, cars and watches. It is also used for game consoles, digital cameras, personal computers and many other devices.

According to statistical studies, a large percentage of people are smartphone and tablet users. Contia provides, through its services, applications of your choice for Android.
Our company provide innovative services for developing applications for all devices. Contia is here and can help your business to grow. We implement dynamic applications with high efficiency and we are in the position to complete projects with high specifications .

We organize the development of applications step by step using deadlines. We study and analyze your professional targets and we design the application you desire.

We for you

The service of android application developing includes:

  • Planning, programming and installation of your application in google play.
  • Advices for application promotion.
  • Updates or modifications to your application.

We are next to the customer providing support and help.