Contia offers a variety of services for the satisfaction of the client’s needs. As an information and communication company, we emphasize on the way that a company should follow to promote its services through web in the most effective way.
Due to the greek market’s economic crisis, Contia’s purpose is to provide the appropriate services in the most affordable prices to businesses and to self-employed workers..

what do we provide?

Contia’s services vary. The most significant of them are:

  • website construction
  • e-shop construction
  • android applications
  • digital marketing
  • Research and academic support in computer science
  • logo & Branding design

Our services’ design, processing and promotion are some of the characteristics that compose Contia’s innovative actions. Supporting the digital foundation not only of a small and medium enterprise but also of a large company, we enhance their effort το be present not only to the local market but also to the wider market..

Why should you prefer us?

Contia, thanks to its qualified staff, is in the position to cover all the client’s needs having as a major purpose their fulfillment not only to an economic base but also to a design base.

  • Economic deals to the services we offer.
  • Innovative design choices concerning the logo design and the website construction.
  • Immediate reaction from the company to the client’s needs.
  • Fast clients’ support.
  • Technical support (free of charge in the first two months)

We are beside the customer in order to provide our services and also to offer solution to his problems. Our major concern is to support our services even if they have completed. Thus, our clients will be aware of how to handle them as they desire.